Luke Persico- UCL-A’s

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November 5th 2016

Revised on August 30th 2017

Luke Persico

Interviewed By Mike Duffy


Luke Persico young and hungry for the game of baseball. He is from Southern California and attended UCLA for 3 years until he was drafted in 2016 as the 352nd pick by the Oakland Athletics. Coming from a great season at UCLA, Luke started his career a little shaky but towards the end, he brought back the fire he had shown the Pac12 . Read about how this Pro handled his first few months in the minor leagues.

Mike Duffy: Was Short-Season Class A NEW YORK-PENN LEAGUE harder or easier then when playing at UCLA?

Luke Persico: I think the Penn League was definitely a step above playing at UCLA. Pitchers consistently through in the 90s and some relievers even sat in the high 90s so the overall talent was better for sure. 

Mike Duffy: How did you motivate yourself to get out of the slump you had in August 2016? In the offseason what was the number one thing you worked on? 

Luke Persico: I tried my best to take it one pitch at a time and slow the game down. I think I was pressing a little too much and not having enough fun so once I figured that out it helped. My main focus is too get stronger and more physical but I’m also working on fine tuning my swing.

Mike Duffy: Being pick number 352 in the draft make you work harder this season to show them the talent we know you have from watching you play at UCLA?

Luke Persico: My goal is to go out and work my hardest every day. I will work towards my goal of becoming a big leaguer and play this game until they take the jersey off of my back.

Mike Duffy: Best Stadium you’ve played in?  

Luke Persico: Either dodger stadium or chase field.


Mike Duffy: What was your favorite team growing up?

Luke Persico:  The Yankees.


Mike Duffy: Who was your favorite player growing up?Luke Persico: My favorite player growing up was Derek Jeter.


Mike Duffy: What’s your favorite hobby besides baseball?
Luke Persico: I like to play video games and going to the beach.


Mike Duffy: What’s your favorite movie and tv show?
Luke Persico: My favorite Tv show is probably the Office or How I Met Your Mother.


How I Met Your Mother Season 7.jpg

Mike Duffy: Whats your favorite part about the Athletics organization?

Luke Persico: My favorite thing about them is how they treat everyone the same and give everyone a fair shot no matter the round they were picked in!


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