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November 5th 2016


Luke Persico young and hungry for the game of baseball is from Southern California and was a student at UCLA until he was drafted in 2016 as the 352nd pick by the Oakland Athletics. Coming from a great season at UCLA Luke started his career a little shaky but towards the end proved to everyone what he was worth. Read about how this Pro handled his first few months in the minor leagues.

Mike Duffy : When you started playing in the minors how hard was the transition for you from college ball?  Was Short-Season Class A NEW YORK-PENN LEAGUE harder or easier then when playing at UCLA?

Luke Persico: I think the Penn League was definitely a step above playing at UCLA. Pitchers consistently through in the 90s and some relievers even sat in the high 90s so the overall talent was better for sure. 

MD: How did you motivate yourself to get out of the slump you had this past August?

Luke Persico: I tried my best to take it one pitch at a time and slow the game down. I think I was pressing a little too much and not having enough fun so once I figured that out it helped.

MD: Over the off season what the one thing your going to focus on working on the most?

Luke Persico: My main focus is too get stronger and more physical but I’m also working on fine tuning my swing.


MD: Being pick number 352 in the draft make you work harder this season to show them the talent we know you have from watching you play at UCLA?

Luke Persico: My goal is to go out and work my hardest every day. I will work towards my goal of becoming a big leaguer and play this game until they take the jersey off of my back.


MD: What did you think of the World Series?  

Luke Persico: That was the best World Series I’ve seen in my lifetime. I’m glad the cubs were finally able to win.

Answers shorter then your swing with 2 strikes

MD: What’s your favorite memory of 2016? 

Luke Persico: Definitely getting drafted  

MD: One word to describe the Lake Monsters?

Luke Persico: Talented


MD: Favorite pitcher to face?

Luke Persico: Any lefty no one in particular


MD: Best Stadium you’ve played in?  

Luke Persico: Either dodger stadium or chase field


MD: As I grew up I moved to 3 different states and I have a hard time picking which team is my favorite between the Dodgers, Phillies, and Yankees, which team in the MLB is your favorite?

Luke Persico: Yankees

MD: Best Stadium you’ve played in?  

Luke Persico: Either dodger stadium or chase field. I think that answered them all? Haha


MD:  Thank you so much Luke! I can’t wait to see you better than ever next year!

Luke Persico: No problem! Thanks man