-The K Zone-

November 6th 2016


Mike Duffy: Being a talented player in two sports what was it that made you pick baseball?

Cord Sandberg: I loved both football and baseball but the phillies gave me a great opportunity to reach a goal of mine of playing in the major leagues so it was an easy decision to start my pro baseball career.

Mike Duffy: What did you do differently in the second half of this season to add power to your bat?

Cord Sandberg: Honestly I didn’t really change anything and I haven’t reached my  full potential for power or average so I hope to makes strides towards that next year.

Mike Duffy: What is the number one thing you need to work on this often?

Cord Sandberg: Hitting, hitting, and hitting. I have to be able to hit for power and average to make it to the major leagues.

Mike Duffy: What is your goal for what year your planing to reach the big stage?

Cord Sandberg: Well as soon as possible but if I reach the major leagues in 2018 that would be a dream come true.

Mike Duffy: Besides your hard work who else do you dedicate your success to?

Cord Sandberg: Any success I have in this life is due to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He is the reason I play the game and gave me the talent so I’m just trying to do my best to shine through Him. – Proverbs 3:5-6

Mike Duffy: What emotions did you go through before/during/after you got drafted?

Cord Sandberg: Just thankful, blessed, excited. So many emotions.

Mike Duffy: What was it like being in the all star game and being recognized for your talent?

Cord Sandberg: Being in the all star game was a great experience. What an honor to represent the Phillies and play with a bunch of great players.

Mike Duffy: Favorite pitcher to face?

Cord Sandberg: Can’t say I have a favorite pitcher.

Mike Duffy: Favorite park to play in?

Cord Sandberg: So far the coolest park I have played in has been in Greensboro North Carolina. Great crowd and nice backdrop.

Mike Duffy: Role model?

Cord Sandberg: Tim tebow and drew brees and Ben zobrist. All men of faith with unbelievable talent!

Mike Duffy: Besides baseball what’s your favorite hobby?

Cord Sandberg: Hobby- golf.

Mike Duffy: Favorite pitch?

Cord Sandberg: Don’t have a favorite pitch.

Mike Duffy: Is there anyone in the Majors right now who comes to mind when you think of being supportive of you when they played on your team?

Cord Sandberg: Tommy Joseph and Aaron Altherr are some guys that I enjoyed playing with.

Mike Duffy: Message to young players?

Cord Sandberg: To young players I would say stay confident. Whatever happens stay focused and confident and believe in your skills.

Mike Duffy: In a organization that is re building but with a lot of farm talent what position do you think that puts you in?

Cord Sandberg: I’m in a great organization to play in and I feel if I reach my full potential I will be a major leaguer for years to come. I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for me in the future!