-The K Zone-

November 7th 2016




Mike Duffy: With a good era and whip do you think your a prime example of someone who’s talent is not seen in in wins and losses?

Grant Dyer: Yeah I mean it’s tough for any reliever to be judged on their wins/loss record since they mostly pitch later in the game.

Mike Duffy: What was it like being the first guy from ucla to get drafted?

Grant Dyer: Coming from a school like UCLA we always expect to have a decent amount of guys drafted since they’ve built a strong legacy of baseball at that school. So to be fortunate enough to be the first one drafted from the team was an awesome experience.

Mike Duffy: Besides your hard work who else do you dedicate your success too?

Grant Dyer: I dedicate all the success I have to my parents and a family friend named Seth Etherton. I honestly wouldn’t be here without them.

Mike Duffy: What is it like knowing that the team your on is a rebuilding team but the farm is competitive?

Grant Dyer: The Phillies are without a doubt one of the best minor league systems in baseball, if not the best.

Mike Duffy: How hard is it to earn the saver spot?

Grant Dyer: Any important role required hard work. But to be the closer you have to be mentally tough and competitive every day.

Mike Duffy: What do you have to work on the most this off season?

Grant Dyer: I just need to get stronger and mature as a pitcher.

Mike Duffy: One word to describe the lakewood  blue claws? Williamsport cross cutters?

Grant Dyer: 

Blueclaws: competitive
Crosscutters: fun

Mike Duffy: Favorite stadium to play at?

Grant Dyer: I love playing at home in Lakewood. The field/fans are the best!

Mike Duffy: Favorite team growing up?

Grant Dyer: I grew up an angels fan, but now I’m all out phillies fan.

Mike Duffy: Favorite batter to face?

Grant Dyer: I love facing any hitter that I personally know or have played with before. It adds a little extra edge.

Mike Duffy: Thank you so much!! I hope you have a great time and a successful time in pro ball!! Who knows maybe some day I’ll be interviewing you on the big stage! Thanks again! Go Phillies!!!!