David Paulino

-The K Zone-

November 30th 2016



The other day I was very fortunate to write back and for with the #4 prospect of the  Astros   and #54 out of the entire MLB prospect rankings! Unfortunately the interview was very short due to the language barrier, yes you heard that right, he only speaks Spanish. This did take me about 10 minutes to realize after the fact he read my response but never responded. Then the techie guy I am decided to send the same message using google translate and the little Spanish I know from class to try again. Here is the interview that has been translated from English to Spanish to English back to Spanish and now back to English and edited. Below this is the actual Spanish version! Hope you enjoy!

Mike Duffy: Hi David, I guess you only speak Spanish right?


David Paulino: Hi, Yes that is true. How are you?

Mike Duffy: I’m really good!I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions?

David Paulino: Sure, no problem!

Mike Duffy:  How was your Tommy John surgery recovery?

David Paulino: Well the process was very long but thank god it was very successful!

Mike Duffy: You had great statistics this year! What made you so successful?

David Paulino: Well what made me succeed this year, was my how well I did my job and    the way I prepared myself, and also my trust in God which was very

Mike Duffy:  There is a talk that could be Traded… What do you think? Would you be

David Paulino: I have no problem problem with being traded. I prefer that I would not be traded but for me there will be no problem if it is the will of God.

Mike Duffy: Thanks!

Original interview in Spanish

Mike Duffy: Solo hablas español?

David Paulino: Si, Hola como esta, Claro no hay problema

Mike Duffy: ¿Cómo fue la recuperación de tommy john?

David Paulino: Bueno él proceso fue muy largo pero gracias a dios fue muy exitoso

Mike Duffy: Tuviste grandes estadísticas este año, ¿qué te hizo tener tanto éxito?

David Paulino: Bueno lo que me hizo tener exito este año fue mi trabajo la forma de prepararme, Y confiar en Dios, Que es lo importante

Mike Duffy: Hay una charla que podría ser intercambiado ¿qué te parece?

David Paulino: No hay problema problema con eso no me gustaría ser intercambiado conmigo no habrá problema si es la voluntad De Dios

Mike Duffy: Gracias!


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