Ryan Miller: Keep working when your alone

-The K Zone-

December 8th  2016


Just coming off his 3rd season in the Minor leagues he had a pretty good seaosn in AA. He’s a big believer in working hard and being the best person you can be when none is watching. I hope you enjoy my interview with Padres catcher Ryan Miller!

Mike Duffy: Favorite memory this season?

Ryan Miller: Hitting a walk off single… cause the night before I had the opportunity to have a walk off but got out Role model – I always looked up to Yadier Molina ! Great defensive catcher , leader, and becoming a better offensive player year by year.

Mike Duffy: Do you have a motto?

Ryan Miller: Who are you when no one is watching

Mike Duffy: Favorite thing about being a Padre?

Ryan Miller: Near my hometown! The best city in the world. Lovely sites, beaches. Beautiful ball park


Mike Duffy: Best thing about catching?

Ryan Miller: you’re in charge, you see the whole field , control the game. You’re in every pitch. A lot going on physically and mentally

Mike Duffy: Hardest thing about catching?

Ryan Miller: I would say the mental and physical tear it puts on your body !

Mike Duffy: Favorite person to catch?

Ryan Miller: I don’t necessarily have one favorite pitcher, I have a few. But it’s usually those who trust in me. Trust the plan. Have good tempo and hit spots majority of the time. Makes the game smooth and kinda fly by. Connections with pitchers is huge

Mike Duffy: Favorite pitcher to face?

Ryan Miller: And same with a pitcher to face but I believe stats show I do better against left handers , so I’ll stick with that haha. Lefties

Mike Duffy: Favorite stadium to play in?

Ryan Miller: Probably when in Low A , the Fort Wayne Tincaps . It’s basically a mini big league field. It’s beautiful, well maintained. Always stuff going on and always have a packed crowd


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