Jacob Nix: Let The F*cker Fly

The K Zone

December 10th  2016 / Updated August 13th 2018

Jacob Nix

Interview by Mike Duffy


On August 10th 2018, Nix made his Major League debut.

“That call came a little sooner than expected, but Nix showed he was more than ready for it on Friday night, as the Padres rode his strong MLB debut to a 2-0 victory over the Phillies at Petco Park.” –  Jack Baer of MLB.com

Mike Duffy: Who was your role model growing up?

Jacob Nix:  My grandpa is definitely my role model.


Mike Duffy: What is the hardest thing about pitching?

Jacob Nix: The hardest thing about pitching is that sometimes things really don’t go your way out there haha. You can do everything right, make the right pitches in the right location and sometimes things just flat out don’t go your way.


Mike Duffy:  Who has been the hardest batter faced so far?

Jacob Nix:  Eloy Jimenez for sure. The guy flat out crushes balls!


Mike Duffy:  What is your favorite ball park you have played in?

Jacob Nix:  My favorite thing about the season was playing at Parkview Field all year. That park is incredible and I’ll definitely miss it!


Mike Duffy:  Do you have a motto?

Jacob Nix:  My motto that I put on all my gloves is “LTFF” and it means “let the f*cker fly”.


Mike Duffy: What did you do to get on the right track last season (2016 season) ?

Jacob Nix: Mechanically I really didn’t change anything, I mainly focused more on repeating my mechanics and being consistent.


Mike Duffy:  What will you be working on this off season (2016-17 off season) ?

Jacob Nix: This off season/spring training my biggest goal is to develop my change up and get come comfortable with it so that it can be a weapon for me in the future.

Nix & Duffy
Jacob Nix with Mike Duffy on his debut weekend!

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