Jahmai Jones: Keep a smile on your face, and a song in your Heart!

The K Zone

January 9th  2017

Jahmai Jones

Interviewed By Mike Duffy


Mike Duffy: I was wondering when you go from high school, minor leagues, to the majors, what was the biggest challenge when you reach each stage?

Jahmai Jones: The biggest challenge was the speed of the game, everyone who has been The biggest challenge was the speed of the game, everyone who has been drafted was the best at their school and area. They were “the guy” where they were playing and everyone is a good player. So just adjusting to competition and facing adversity with open arms rather than shying away from it.

Mike Duffy: What did you do best this season?

Jahmai Jones: The best thing i did this season was just try and be an overall player. Defensively, stealing bases, getting on, and being a role model on and off of the field.

Mike Duffy: This offseason whats the major thing your planning to work on?

Jahmai Jones: This off season was one that was planned More on making slight adjustments to my swing and working out the little kinks that needed to be fixed after the season.

Mike Duffy: Whats your favorite thing about being an Angel?

Jahmai Jones: My favorite thing about being an Angel is the atmosphere and passion the organization brings every single day. We are going to do big things and we bring the mentality of not giving up regardless the situation.


Mike Duffy: Whats your favorite hobby besides baseball?

Jahmai Jones: Favorite hobby outside of baseball is being outside like golf, fishing hunting, and hiking. I enjoy being active so much when i am not playing baseball.


Mike Duffy: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up?

Jahmai Jones: Favorite player Growing up was Andrew McCutchen just his style of play and the way he handles himself on and off the field is something i strive to be like on an every day basis.


Mike Duffy: What went through your mind when you were drafted?

Jahmai Jones: My thoughts on draft day were just waiting patiently to see what team was going to draft me and waiting for the moment for my dream to finally become a reality.

Mike Duffy: Who’s the hardest pitcher you faced this season?

Jahmai Jones: Hardest pitcher i faced this season is actually a buddy of mine and his name is Dylan Cease. He’s In the cubs organization and he’s dedicated to the game and it definitely shows when he steps on the mound.


Mike Duffy: Whats your favorite stadium?

Jahmai Jones: Favorite stadium i played in this year was either the Billings Mustangs (reds affiliate) or Peoria Cardinals (Cardinals affiliate) amazing atmospheres and absolutely great fields.



Mike Duffy: Whats your favorite movie/tv show?

Jahmai Jones: Favorite show might be game of thrones or how i met your mother haha!



Mike Duffy: Do you have a motto or a thing to do to get you out of a rough time?

Jahmai Jones: My dad used to always tell me “keep a smile on your face, and a song in your heart.” That phrase is something i keep with me always.


Mike Duffy: What is it like to have a brother in professional football?

Jahmai Jones: It’s awesome. Being able to watch someone do what they love and being able to watch him on tv is awesome. He’s one of my role models in my family and i have nothing but the upmost respect for him. It also helped on draft day because i had a better idea of what was gonna happen because i was able to be with him on his draft day. So i had an idea of what i needed to do and how i would feel during that moment. But at the end of the day, he’s my brother and i love him.


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