Scott Kingery: Modeling after Old School Players  

-The K Zone-

February 5th  2017

Scott Kingery

Interview by Mike Duffy


Mike Duffy: Whats the biggest challenge as you move up each level?

Scott Kingery: I wouldn’t say there is one big challenge every time you move up, it’s more of what kind of adjustments you have to make. The higher you move up the players are more consistent and have more knowledge. They know where your weaknesses are and they will try and exploit them. So you have to adjust as well. The game is all about adjustments.

Mike Duffy: What was it like to go play in the Little league World Series?

Scott Kingery: Playing in the LLWS was an incredible experience. First off we were playing on espn in the biggest tournament you could play in at that age. Every little leaguer dreams to make it there and my team did. It made it even more special for me because my dad was the coach and my twin brother was playing along side me. We were playing in front of 20 thousand fans so it was pretty nerve racking but it was one of my favorite baseball memories. I’ll never forget it!


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite thing about playing 2nd base?

Scott Kingery: My favorite thing about playing second base is how much of the action I get to be involved in. On every play I have somewhere to be and something to do so I’m always locked in. Of course laying out for a ball and making a play no one thought you had a chance at making is fun too!

Mike Duffy: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Scott Kingery: I’m not sure I had one favorite player when I was growing up but I always loved watching Dustin Pedroia. Not just because he is a small second baseman like I am but because of the way he plays the game. Always hustling, always laying out and always playing with a chip on his shoulder. I also remember watching Utley play the same exact way!


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite stadium you have played in?

Scott Kingery: I had a chance to play in the future phillies game at citizens bank ballpark which is an amazing stadium but I think the phillies have some of the best parks in every league! I’ve had a chance to play in Lakewood, Clearwater and reading and every stadium has a great culture. Especially reading! They pack the house and really get behind the team.


Mike Duffy: Which team was/is your favorite?

Scott Kingery: Growing up I was an Arizona Diamondbacks fan. Being born and raised in Arizona I was a hometown fan. Dbacks, cardinals, suns and coyotes! But now I’m a phillies fan of course!


Mike Duffy: Whats your favorite movie?

Scott Kingery: One movie I could watch over and over and never get tired of is Old School. It gets better every time I watch it!


Mike Duffy: Whats your favorite movie and tv show?

Scott Kingery: As for TV shows Game of Thrones is one of my favorites right now but my all time favorite is the office!



Mike Duffy: Is there any teammate that has stood out the most in their effort to help out?
Scott Kingery: I try and learn something from all my teammates. Everyone has a different way they look at things, situations, pitchers, hitting, defense, stealing bases and I think it’s important to take in every piece of information you can and sometimes things stick out and can help you improve your game. All the guys I’ve played with so far have been awesome and helpful.

Mike Duffy: Do you have a Motto?

Scott Kingery: I don’t have a certain motto that I stick to but I like to “play like I have something to prove” every time I step on the field. It puts a chip on my shoulder and pushes me to work harder and give it everything I have every time I’m in between the white lines.

Mike Duffy: Whats the best thing about being a Philly?

Scott Kingery: One of the best parts about being in the phillies organization is how invested they are in their players. A couple weeks ago I had a chance to go to a prospect camp in Philadelphia and the knowledge and skills I learned out there were so valuable. It shows how much they believe in their players and want them to improve in every aspect of their game and in life. Also I love how passionate the fans in Philadelphia are. The Philadelphia sports culture is the best there is.


Mike Duffy: What was it like on draft day?

Scott Kingery: Draft day was unlike anything else. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so nervous and so excited at the same time. But as soon as my name got called it was crazy. I had friends and family over and the place erupted and everyone was hugging me. It was an amazing experience!

Mike Duffy: Whats the best thing you did this season?

Scott Kingery: I started this season playing in the Florida state league and had the chance to check out Harry Potter world in Orlando on an off day. I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan but my older brother is and he said I needed to check it out. The place was awesome and looked exactly like the real hog warts. I thought I might actual be a wizard for a second when I was walking around there! That was one of the most fun things I did this season. Besides the champagne showers with the guys when we clinched.


Mike Duffy: What are you hoping to show the coaches at spring training?

Scott Kingery: During spring training I’m planning on showing the coaches what I can do. Going out there every day with something to prove!

Mike Duffy: What makes you so successful at stealing?

Scott Kingery: I’ve always been fast which definitely helps when trying to steal a base but there is a lot more to it than just being fast. I really work on stretching my lead to the max point where I can get back on a pickoff. Also try to pick a certain pitch in a certain count to give myself a better shot!

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