Ian Miller; Hitting his way to the top

The K Zone

July 21st 2017

Ian Miller

Interviewed By Mike Duffy


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Mike Duffy: I was wondering  when you go from high school, minor leagues, what was the biggest challenge when you reach each stage?

Ian Miller: To me the biggest challenge is being able to slow the game down. Just play the game I know how and not try to do too much – regardless of who I’m playing – whose watching me – situation etc.

Mike Duffy: What’s your favorite thing about being a Mariner?

Ian Miller: Favorite thing about being a mariner is the sense of family between players and coaching staff / management. Everyone is one big family and has great communication with each other.


Mike Duffy: One word to describe the Travelers?

Ian Miller: One word to describe the travelers – exciting.

A lot of good players on this team that will be big Names in the future.


Mike Duffy: What’s your favorite hobby besides baseball?

Ian Miller: Favorite hobby – definitely video games. Big call of duty guy. And like action games when I come back from the field to unwind and get away from baseball.


Mike Duffy: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up?

Ian Miller: Favorite player growing up – ichiro. Loved the way he played. Still try to emulate his game and incorporate certain things he does in terms of approach and things he does and is able to do.


Mike Duffy: So far this season you have the 4th best batting average in AA, what do you attribute that to?

Ian Miller: I attribute my batting average to the hard work I put in during the offseason and on a daily basis before games. Sticking with my approach and not getting away from it.

Mike Duffy: What did you do this offseason differently that made a difference in your performance compared to past years?

Ian Miller: Offseason I stayed in Arizona at the mariners spring training complex. I hit everyday with members of the staff and worked on my approach – as well as my mechanics to get the most out of my offensive game plan.


Mike Duffy: Did you feel that playing baseball on the east coast give you more of a disadvantage do to the climate difference or was it more of a motivator to work harder?

Ian Miller: Baseball on the east coast growing up is always overlooked because supposedly baseball down south and on west coast is better. I’ve been an underdog all of my career – and still am. So that stuff never got to me or I never thought about it. I’ve always been overlooked and fit into that mold.

Mike Duffy: What was your favorite team growing up?

Ian Miller: Favorite team growing up was Phillies and pirates. Loved the PA teams and family has some ties with the Pirates – my dad was a huge fan of pirates growing up as well – and went to some Phillies games long ago.


Mike Duffy: Goals for this season?

Ian Miller: Goals for the season – I don’t really care what I’m doing here in AA. I want to be in the big leagues before this year ends and I want to win a World Series and have something to do with that.

Mike Duffy: How did draft day feel?

Ian Miller: Draft day was cool – was expecting to go – everyone hopes to go higher than they actually went. But it was a real honor, and a real relief to get picked and to get my career started.

Mike Duffy: What’s your favorite stadium?

Ian Miller: Favorite stadium – probably the frisco roughriders. Gorgeous there, it’s like an amusement park. And great stadium to hit at, as well as a great town with great restaurants.


Mike Duffy: What’s your favorite movie/tv show?

Ian Miller: Favorite movie – is men of honor with Cuba gooding Jr. (great underdog story) Favorite tv show is probably the walking dead – I love zombies



Mike Duffy: Do you have a motto or a thing to do to get you out of a rough time?

Ian Miller: No real motto except TGHT – the game honors toughness.  – but thing that gets me out of a rough time is music – Dave Matthews fan for sure. His concert Live at Radio City with Tim Reynolds is always my go to.

Mike Duffy: When did you know you wanted to play professional baseball?

Ian Miller: I knew I wanted to play professional baseball at a young age. I knew I was going to play a professional sport – set my mind to it pretty early. Baseball started to be my main focus probably around middle school / high school

Mike Duffy: What’s your favorite thing about being a outfielder? Hardest thing?

Ian Miller: Favorite thing about being an outfielder is getting to utilize my speed. I get to run down balls and do things with my jumps and reads that some people aren’t able to do – my speed is definitely used most out in the outfield. And that is fun

Hardest thing – definitely the boredom. Outfield can get boring at times – that’s why it’s always necessary to have some chewing gum or sunflower seeds!

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