Ray Henderson: Utilizing his role with the Bandits

The K Zone

October 26th 2017

Ray Henderson

Interviewed By Mike Duffy


Mike Duffy: I was wondering  when you go from high school, to college, to the  minor leagues, what was the biggest challenge when you reach each stage?

Ray Henderson: I went to Canyon high school in Anaheim California my freshman year where I started as a freshman on varsity and was named All-county freshman of the year. After my freshmen year I transferred to El Modena High School in Orange California where I played my sophomore year there but after my sophomore year I tried to talk to my coach about seeing if I could play third instead of catching every game and he would Always look and me and tell me there is no way I would play infield at the next level that the only chance I had was to catch. So after he kept telling me that I decided it would be better for me not  to play high school baseball anymore. So I quit my high school team and played in a league in California called spring league where a lot of red shirt freshman went to play and I played there two years and was the MVP the second year I played. After that I went to Grayson college in Denison Texas where my first year I batted .394 with 11 home runs and was 2nd team all conference. My sophomore year I batter .450 with 12 home runs and was a 1st team all American. Then after that year I got drafted by the Astros in the 22nd round. When I went to my first year I noticed the difference in the pitching. I noticed every one threw hard and everyone had great off speed pitches so it took me some time to adjust and figure out the pitchers and my own approach.



Mike Duffy: What’s your favorite thing about being apart of the Astro organization?

Ray Henderson: My favorite thing about being an Astro has to be that their player development is the best around they put so much into their minor league system that it shows and I’ve learned so much from them and have seen how they are different then many organizations in the things they teach.


Mike Duffy: What’s your favorite hobby besides baseball?

Ray Henderson: My favorite hobby besides baseball is fishing and golfing.


Mike Duffy: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up?

Ray Henderson: My favorite player growing up was David wright and Ivan Rodriguez.



Mike Duffy: What was your favorite team growing up?

Ray Henderson: My favorite team was the New York Mets.


Mike Duffy: What are your goals for next season?

Ray Henderson: My goals for next season is to hopefully have a better year hitting wise and to be able to keep being a utility player. This year I played catcher, 2nd, 3rd, and outfield which helps me a lot in being able to always find a way in the lineup.


Mike Duffy: What is  your favorite baseball memory?

Ray Henderson: My favorite baseball memory has to be this past 2017 season where my team I was playing with the single A team for the Astros the quad cities River Bandits won the Midwest league championship.



Mike Duffy: What is your favorite stadium?

Ray Henderson: My favorite stadium is Minute Maid because it’s so different from other parks.


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite Movie? 

Ray Henderson: My favorite movie is the Field of Dreams and Moneyball.



Mike Duffy: Do you have a motto or a thing to do to get you out of a rough time?

Ray Henderson: My thing when times are rough is to just take a step back and look at where I am in life and realize that I am living my dream and doing what I love. Also that I have all these people who follow me and the little kids who might look up to me and that I can just go out and have fun like the game is meant to be played and if I can make a fans day by giving Them a ball or sign something for them that I do that. But mainly just take the pressure off myself and just have fun!

Mike Duffy: When did you know you wanted to play professional baseball?

Ray Henderson: I knew I wanted to be a professional baseball player ever since I was in first grade. I would always tell my teacher that I was going to do it and that’s the only thing I had my mind set on my whole life.

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