The New Wiz Kids: Rhys Hoskins and Scott Kingery

The K Zone

January 1st 2018

Rhys Hoskins & Scott Kingery

Interviewed By Mike Duffy


The Whiz Kids were the baseball team of the 1950 Philadelphia Phillies in Major League Baseball, where the players averaged only 26.4 years of age, and they won the National League pennant during that season. I am predicting that Hoskins and Kingery will be the next young group of guys to do that for the Phillies in the very near future. Pull up a chair and read the words of “wiz”dom  from these Wiz Kids!

Mike Duffy: I was wondering when you go from high school, minor leagues what was the biggest challenge when you reach each stage?

Rhys Hoskins: Biggest challenge really is that along with the competition just getting better and better, you play a lot more games at each level! You just have to figure out how to maintain and strengthen your body so you feel good when it gets to late in the season. That has been the hardest thing so far for me, figuring out what works for me so I feel my best at the end of the season.

Scott Kingery: I wouldn’t say there is one big challenge every time you move up, it is more of what kind of adjustments you have to make. The higher you move up the players are more consistent and have more knowledge. They know where your weaknesses are and they will try and exploit them. So you have to adjust as well. The game is all about adjustments.

Mike Duffy: How did you feel when you got drafted?

Rhys Hoskins: It was a dream come true. I had worked countless hours to reach that goal and it happened!

Scott Kingery: Draft day was unlike anything else. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so nervous and so excited at the same time. But as soon as my name got called it was crazy. I had friends and family over and the place erupted and everyone was hugging me. It was an amazing experience!


Mike Duffy: Whats your favorite thing about being an Philly?

Rhys Hoskins: The coaching staff and friends I have made on the teams I have been on are an awesome part about being a Philly.

Scott Kingery: One of the best parts about being in the phillies organization is how invested they are in their players. A couple weeks ago I had a chance to go to a prospect camp in Philadelphia and the knowledge and skills I learned out there were so valuable. It shows how much they believe in their players and want them to improve in every aspect of their game and in life. Also I love how passionate the fans in Philadelphia are. The Philadelphia sports culture is the best there is.


Mike Duffy: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up?

Rhys Hoskins: I grew up watching Barry Bonds play and I still to this day think he is arguably the best hitter To ever play this game.

Scott Kingery: I’m not sure I had one favorite player when I was growing up but I always loved watching Dustin Pedroia. Not just because he is a small second baseman like I am but because of the way he plays the game. Always hustling, always laying out and always playing with a chip on his shoulder. I also remember watching Utley play the same exact way!




Mike Duffy: Do you have a Motto?

Rhys Hoskins: Just keep living

Scott Kingery: I don’t have a certain motto that I stick to but I like to play like I have something to prove every time I step on the field. It puts a chip on my shoulder and pushes me to work harder and give it everything I have every time I’m in between the white lines.

Mike Duffy: Whats your favorite Movie. Whats your favorite T.V. show?

Rhys Hoskins: My favorite Movie is Wedding Crashers.  

Scott Kingery: One movie I could watch over and over and never get tired of is Old School. It gets better every time I watch it!

Old School movie image Vince Vaughn.jpg

Mike Duffy: Whats your favorite T.V. Show?

Rhys Hoskins: My favorite show is Suits

Scott Kingery: As for TV shows Game of Thrones is one of my favorites right now but my all time favorite is the Office!




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