Tristan Pompey: Inside the 2018 Draft Interview

The K Zone

February 2nd 2018

Tristan Pompey

Interviewed By Mike Duffy


Mike Duffy: I was wondering  when you go from high school to college, what was the biggest difference between the two?

Tristan Pompey: Going from high school (In Canada) to college in playing the game are the types of pitching that is being thrown at you. In high school, it was very fastball orientated because pitchers were just trying to throw hard and light up the radar guns, but it college there is a lot more offspeed and cross count pitching that occurs.


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite thing about playing for the University of Kentucky?

Tristan Pompey: My favorite thing about playing for Kentucky is the atmosphere and support we receive. The fans are awesome and super supportive. Also, we get to play in the best college conference in America, so I have no complaints about that.



Mike Duffy: What is your favorite hobby besides baseball?

Tristan PompeyMy favorite hobbies outside baseball are probably playing video games (mostly Fortnite, call of duty, MLB the show, and 2K).


Mike Duffy: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up?

Tristan Pompey: My favorite player growing up was Jose Reyes, when I was a kid I used to play shortstop and I loved how he played, he always had a smile on is face and had fun.

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Mike Duffy: What was your favorite team growing up?

Tristan Pompey: My Favorite team growing up and now is the Blue Jays. I always support my home town team and now that my brother is a blue jay it gives me even more reason to root for them.


Mike Duffy: Since your brother plays Pro Ball, did that help you realize that dream could be come a reality?

Tristan Pompey: Yes, my brother being in pro ball definitely helps send a road map on how to make it to the major leagues and be successful. He has helped me so much and I am forever grateful for him. He made my realize that my dream of playing pro ball is much more of a reality than people make it out to be.


Mike Duffy: What are you most looking forward to when going to the major leagues?

Tristan PompeyIn the major leagues, im looking forward to taking my talents to the professional level and applying everything I learned from college to the pros. Its an exciting time and I am ready for whatever the next level has to offer

Mike Duffy: How are you feeling about the draft coming up?

Tristan PompeyI am excited for the draft obviously, but my main focus is this season and hopefully going to Omaha and winning a national championship. We have a great team this year and we have a chance to do something special for the baseball program at Kentucky.


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite stadium?

Tristan PompeyI do not really have a favorite stadium, but I like the back drop beyond Pittsburgh’s stadium, I think that’s pretty sick. The new braves stadium is cool too, I love Mr. Freeze when he comes out to race the fans.


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite Movie?

Tristan Pompey: My favorite movies are probably Avatar, Lucy and I enjoy almost all the superhero type movies.


Mike Duffy: Do you have a motto or a thing to do to get you out of a rough time?

Tristan Pompey: A motto I use is that I am the Lavish Savage and there is no time to act defeated or upset, turn the page, put a smile on and keep moving forward.

Mike Duffy: When did you know you wanted to play professional baseball?

Tristan Pompey: I always wanted to play professional baseball since I was a kid, it has been my only dream, I never made a backup plan because I always knew that my plan A would be enough for me.

Mike Duffy: What is your favorite baseball memory?

Tristan Pompey: I have a few fav baseball memories. One was when I was 10 and won the Pepsi pitch hit and run contest that I got to go to the all-star game and compete at. Another is playing for team Canada in the world junior championships. Playing for your country is something special man, it means more when you have your country on your chest. Another memory was winning the first regional championship in Kentucky baseball history. I was apart of something that has never been done before in over 100 years. And the last memory so far is going to the college homerun derby and getting to hit dingers infront of 23,000 people and on national television.


Mike Duffy: What is your biggest takeaway after this season?

Tristan Pompey: My biggest takeaway from last season is that you can do anything you put your mind too and nothing is ever out of reach or too superficial. If you can believe it you can do it. Winning the regionals for the first time ever was a prime example of that.

Mike Duffy: Who is your favorite Musician? What is your favorite song?

Tristan Pompey: My favorite musician is Drake. I love everything Toronto and Drake is the top of that music wise. I do not have a fav song but I just like most things drake puts out.


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