Top 10 First Basemen and Designated Hitters

Official K-Zone Ranking Mike’s Ranking Ian’s Ranking Mojo’s Ranking Guti’s Ranking
1. Joey Votto (CIN) Paul Goldschmidt (ARI) Paul Goldshmidt (ARI) Joey Votto (CIN) Joey Votto (CIN)
2. Paul Goldshcmidt (ARI) Joey Votto (CIN) Joey Votto (CIN) Freddie Freeman (ATL) Paul Goldschmidt (ARI)
3. Freddie Freeman (ATL) Cody Bellinger (LAD) Freddie Freeman (ATL) Paul Goldschmidt (ARI) Freddie Freeman (ATL)
4. Anthony Rizzo (CHC) Anthony Rizzo (CHC) J.D. Martinez (BOS) Cody Bellinger (LAD) J.D. Martinez (BOS)
5. J.D. Martinez (BOS) Freddie Freeman (ATL) Anthony Rizzo (CHC) Anthony Rizzo (CHC) Cody Bellinger (LAD)
6. Cody Bellinger (LAD) J.D. Martinez (BOS) Nelson Cruz (SEA) J.D. Martinez (BOS) Anthony Rizzo (CHC)
7. Nelson Cruz (SEA) Eric Hosmer (SD) Edwin Encarnacion (CLE) Jose Abreu (CWS) Jose Abreu (CWS)
8. Jose Abreu (CWS) Nelson Cruz (SEA) Cody Bellinger (LAD) Nelson Cruz (SEA) Edwin Encarnacion (CLE)
9. Edwin Encarnacion (CLE) Edwin Encarnacion (CLE) Jose Abreu (CWS) Edwin Encarnacion (CLE) Nelson Cruz (SEA)
10. Eric Hosmer (SD) Matt Carpenter (STL) Eric Hosmer (SD) Matt Carpenter (STL) Carlos Santana (PHI)
Sleeper Carlos Santana (PHI) Miguel Cabrera (DET)

Ryan Braun (MIL)

Carlos Santana (PHI)

Carlos Santana (PHI)

Justin Bour (MIA)

Justin Bour (MIA)


Along with its corner infield counterpart, first base is, as it has been in years past, one of the most talent-filled positions on the diamond. Reds’ 11-year veteran Joey Votto and his .428 career OBP tops the list. He slashed .320/.456/.578 last season with 165 wRC+. Paul Goldschmidt of the Diamondbacks splits the first place votes and comes in as a close second overall after hitting 36 home runs with 18 steals and a .404 OBP. Freddie Freeman, the Braves’ lefty, was putting up a 1.201 OPS before getting injured last May, but still finished the season with a very, very strong 152 wRC+. Anthony Rizzo had a .392 OBP last season despite only lucking into a .273 BABIP, as he looks to continue continue to build on his home run and steal counts in 2018. While he failed to get the $200MM deal he was looking for this offseason, late bloomer J.D. Martinez signed a well-deserved healthy contract to DH in Boston this coming season. Martinez hit 45 home runs in 119 games last season, bringing him to .690 SLG in 2017, including a .741 rate after being traded to Arizona at the deadline. Cody Bellinger broke out for the Dodgers in 2017 after his May promotion, hitting 39 bombs in 132 games. #7 on the list is Mariners’ DH Nelson Cruz, who, at 37 years old, has put together 4 consecutive seasons of 39 home runs, and three seasons of a .360 on-base percentage. He owns a three-year average .925 OPS. Jose Abreu, another model of consistency, has put up an OBP around .350 every season since debuting in 2014, along with plus power. Checking in at #9 is Edwin Encarnacion, who is entering his second year under contract with the Indians. In the past six seasons, he has hit 42, 36, 34, 39, 42, and 38 home runs. He owns a lifetime 11.1 BB% and 16.5 K%. Last on the list in $144 million dollar man Eric Hosmer. Hosmer’s career has been controversial to say the least, but he did put up 135 wRC+ and 4.1 WAR in 2017.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry. DH is not a position. Maybe we need to do like football. Have an offense and defense. Catchers don’t hit well dh them. Shortstops are not usually great hitters, dh for them. 2nd basemen usually can’t hit, dh them. AL is not real baseball! Come on Manfred. Let’s totally ruin the game! I will not subscribe or watch baseball if they go to dh for NL. Autowalk is an aberration also. You want to speed up the game, call the real strike zone and make hitters stay in the batters’ box.


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