Top 10 Center Fielders

Official K-Zone Ranking Mike’s Ranking Ian’s Ranking Mojo’s Ranking Guti’s Ranking
1. Mike Trout (LAA) Mike Trout (LAA) Mike Trout (LAA)  Mike Trout (LAA)  Mike Trout (LAA)
2. Charlie Blackmon (COL) Charlie Blackmon (COL)  Charlie Blackmon (COL)  Charlie Blackmon (COL) Charlie Blackmon (COL)
3. George Springer (HOU) Lorenzo Cain (MIL) George Springer (HOU)  George Springer (HOU) George Springer (HOU)
4. Tommy Pham (STL) George Springer (HOU) Tommy Pham (STL) Tommy Pham (STL) Tommy Pham (STL)
5. Michael Conforto (NYM) Tommy Pham (STL) Michael Conforto (NYM) Lorenzo Cain (MIL) Michael Conforto (NYM)
6. Lorenzo Cain (MIL) Andrew McCutchen (SF) Andrew McCutchen (SF) Michael Conforto (NYM) Kevin Kiermier (TB)
7. Andrew McCutchen (SF) Odubel Herrera (PHI) Kevin Kiermaier (TB) Kevin Kiermaier (TB) Chris Taylor (LAD)
8. Kevin Kiermaier (TB) Michael Conforto (NYM) Chris Taylor (LAD) Chris Taylor (LAD) Byron Buxton (MIN)
9. Chris Taylor (LAD) Adam Jones (BAL) Lorenzo Cain (MIL) Byron Buxton (MIN) Andrew McCutchen (SF)
10. Byron Buxton (MIN) Chris Taylor (LAD) Byron Buxton (MIN) Andrew McCutchen (SF) Lorenzo Cain (MIL)
Sleeper Michael A. Taylor (WSH) A.J. Pollock (ARI)

Aaron Hicks (NYY)

Starling Marte (PIT)

Brandon Nimmo (NYM)

Michael A. Taylor (WSH)

Aaron Hicks (NYY)

Michael A. Taylor (WSH)



Center field may be filled with the widest variety of types of players. There are ceiling guys and consistent guys, all glove and all hit guys, and of course the best the hitter on Earth. Mike Trout, of course, is the unanimous top center fielder. In a rare upset to his durability, Trout only played 114 games last season, but those at bats were some of the best of his life. Trout put up 6.9 WAR (9.8 WAR pace) with 181 wRC+ in that period, and he looks to add his third MVP award in the coming year. Charlie Blackmon garnered all four second place votes after posted a perfect 1.000 OPS and 6.5 WAR in 2017. He hit a career high 37 home runs total while stealing 14 bases, and his high BABIP looks like a non-issue considering his career .338 mark. World Series champion George Springer wins the third spot on the chart. While he has lost much of his speed over the years, he still got on base at a .367 clip while hitting a career high 34 bombs in 2017. Statcast darling Tommy Pham broke out in a big way in 2017, hitting .306/.411/.520 with 23 home runs and 25 steals in 128 games. That all added up to a 5.9 WAR, and 7.5 WAR/162. After being blocked year after year, Michael Conforto finally was able to show his true skills in 2017, only to have his season cut short by injury. But, he’s on track to only miss a few weeks to start off this season, and if he bats .279/.384/.555 with 4.4 WAR again, it will be worth the wait. Lorenzo Cain, a third of the Brewers’ new and improved outfield, ranks #6. Cain hit .300 for the third time in his career in 2017. While he only saved 5 runs last year , he’s averaged over 15 for the past five, and is a legitimate five tool player who can threaten 4 WAR any season. Former MVP and new Giant Andrew McCutchen is is the seventh best center fielder in baseball. McCutchen enjoyed 122 wRC+ last year with a strong .279/.363/.486 line. There are not many who expect him to return to MVP form, but if he can get over some inconsistency issues and improve his defense, he may very well play at all-star level this year. Rays’ defensive wizard Kevin Kiermaier is slightly above average in offense, but can threaten to steal 20 bags once on the bases. The 27-year-old saved 22 runs last year, which is actually a decline from the record-breaking 42 DRS and 30 UZR a couple seasons ago.  Dodgers’ breakout Superutility man Chris Taylor posted 4.7 WAR last year with 126 wRC+. He was on pace to join the 20/20 club had he entered the season as a starter. Byron Buxton, the widely ranked #1 overall prospect from a few years ago, has largely been a disappointment for the Twins. However, after slashing .300/.347/.546 with 130 wRC+ in the second half of last year, many hopes of a breakout all-star level (or maybe even better) campaign has been reignited. Whether or not the offense picks up, Buxton should continue to lead baseball in speed-related statcast metrics like sprint speed, outs above average, as he did in 2017.

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    Gold glove center fielder in NL is not even mentioned. No way. This was a waste of time.


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