Pat Light: Fan of the Yankees but Debuting for the Red Sox

-The K Zone-

July 22nd 2018

Pat Light

Interview by Mike Duffy


Mike Duffy: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Pat Light: Derek Jeter!


Mike Duffy: What team were you the biggest fan of growing up?

Pat Light: The Yankees!


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite hobby besides baseball?

Pat Light: Investing my own money! It’s like a video game to me.

Mike Duffy: What is your favorite stadium?

Pat Light: Fenway Park.


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite movie?

Pat Light: Home Alone.


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite Tv show?

Pat Light: How I Met Your Mother!


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite book?

Pat Light: When the Wolves Bite.


Mike Duffy: Do you have a motto or a thing to do to get you out of a rough time?

Pat Light: Not really I just pride myself on not being a quitter so I always just keep going!


Mike Duffy: When did you know you wanted to play professional baseball?

Pat Light: When I first picked up a baseball!


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite baseball memory?

Pat Light: Making my Debut for sure!

Mike Duffy: Who is your favorite Musician and what’s your favorite song?

Pat Light: Billy Joel and Piano Man.


Mike Duffy: What do you love most about playing professional baseball?

Pat Light: Just a good time playing the sport you love with some great guys and traveling the country! Nothing better!


Mike Duffy: Do you have a second job during the offseason?

Pat Light: No second Job but i do own a couple restaurants!

Mike Duffy: What has been your favorite team you have played for?

Pat Light: Probably the Red Sox because it’s who I came up with and have the most memories with.


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