2018 MLB Awards Picks

National League


Mike Ian Mojo Maddie Jack The K Zone Official Ranking
1 Yelich Yelich deGrom Yelich Yelich  Yelich
2 Rendon Carpenter Yelich Arenado Freeman Arenado
3 Arenado Rendon Arenado Carpenter Story deGrom

Breakout star Christian Yelich took first place pretty yelich.PNGeasily here, except for Mojo, who thought Jacob deGrom’s historic season was enough to earn him MVP nods. After that was a bit of a mix, with Anthony Rendon, Nolan Arenado, Matt Carpenter, Trevor Story, and Freddie Freeman all receiving votes.

Cy Young 

Mike Ian Mojo Maddie Jack The K Zone Official Ranking
1 deGrom deGrom deGrom deGrom deGrom deGrom
2 Nola Scherzer Scherzer Scherzer Nola  Scherzer
3 Scherzer Corbin Nola Nola Scherzer Nola

With Jacob deGrom dominating the league with hisdegrom.PNG 1.70 ERA, The K Zone members were easily able to overlook his 10-9 record, as he received unanimous first-place votes. Everyone had Max Scherzer and Aaron Nola as their second and third picks, except for Ian, who was not as impressed with Nola and instead snuck in a vote for Patrick Corbin and his 2.47 FIP.

Rookie of the Year

Mike Ian Mojo Maddie Jack The K Zone Official Ranking
1 Soto Acuna Soto Acuna Acuna Acuna
2 Buehler Soto Acuna Buehler Soto Soto
3 Acuna Buehler Buehler Soto Buehler Buehler

All of The K Zone writers had the same three rookies, acuna.PNGbut in various orders. Ultimately, Ronald Acuna edged out Juan Soto for first place, while Walker Buehler sat comfortably in third. Buehler was spectacular in his own right; in a different year, his 2.62 ERA and 9.90 K/9 may have won him the award.

Manager of the Year

Mike Ian Mojo Maddie Jack The K Zone Official Ranking
1 Counsell Counsell Counsell Snitker Snitker Counsell
2 Snitker Snitker Black Counsell Counsell Snitker
3 Kapler Black Snitker Black Black Black

There wasn’t a whole lot of controversy on this award. councell.jpgIt was the same three managers for all five writers, with three of them putting Craig Counsell and the other two putting Brian Snitker, with the exception of Mike, who was impressed with the job done by the Phillies’ Gabe Kapler.

American League


Mike Ian Mojo Maddie Jack The K Zone Official Ranking
1 Trout Trout Trout Betts Trout Trout
2 Betts Betts Betts Trout Betts Betts
3 Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez

This award was the least controversial out of them all trout.PNGamong The K Zone staff. Each writer’s ballot was identical, with the one exception of Maddie putting Mookie Betts ahead of Mike Trout for first place. Trout and Betts were the clear top two, and all five writers agreed that Jose Ramirez’s season-ending slump wasn’t enough to offset the terrific season he had overall on offense and defense.

Cy Young

Mike Ian Mojo Maddie Jack The K Zone Official Ranking
1 Snell Verlander Snell Snell Snell Snell
2 Verlander Sale Verlander Sale Verlander Verlander
3 Cole Cole Sale Verlander Cole Sale

Most of the voters were all about Blake Snell and his snell.PNGleague-leading 1.89 ERA, not to mention his 11.01 K/9, but Ian wasn’t as impressed, as he left Snell completely out of his top three. Chris Sale likely would have won this award in a landslide if he had the same stats over more innings, but the lack of innings pushed him down a spot or more on every writer’s list. While Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole also had very strong years, it was surprising to see that not one writer voted for Trevor Bauer, who had the second lowest qualified ERA and FIP in the AL. Snell’s sub-2 ERA ended up getting him the win pretty easily, while Verlander’s advantage in innings put him over the edge against Sale’s pure dominance.

Rookie of the Year

Mike Ian Mojo Maddie Jack The K Zone Official Ranking
1 Andujar Andujar Ohtani Ohtani Ohtani Ohtani
2 Ohtani Torres Wendle Andujar Andujar Andujar
3 Torres Bieber Andujar Torres Torres Torres

Shohei Ohtani, the Japanese hitting and pitching ohtani.PNGsuperstar, did something that nobody had done since Babe Ruth, and while his innings were severely limited due to injury, the overall body of work and top-tier hitting were extremely impressive. At least, four of the writers seemed to think so. Ian chose to leave Ohtani out of his top three, and instead put the under-the-radar Indians pitcher Shane Bieber, who had a mediocre 4.55 ERA but strong peripherals. Mojo, valuing defense more than the other writers, also went with an under-the-radar pick in putting Joey Wendle second. Everyone agreed on putting Andujar ahead of Torres, but Ohtani and Andujar were neck-and-neck for first place despite their very different cases for the award and styles of play.

Manager of the Year

Mike Ian Mojo Maddie Jack The K Zone Official Ranking
1 Cash Melvin Cash Cora Melvin Cash
2 Cora Cash Melvin Cash Cash Melvin
3 Melvin Cora Cora Melvin Hinch Cora

For this award, the popular picks were two managers cash.PNGwho led underdog teams to great seasons along with the manager of the team with the best record in baseball who eventually went on to win the World Series. The only exception was Jack, who thought A.J. Hinch did a good job with the Astros, and was not as impressed with Cora, who ended up coming in third behind the two underdogs. Kevin Cash won, as his unique bullpen management and quirky decision-making skills helped a Rays team lacking in talent to win 90 games.


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