Gavin Garay: Elevating People Around

-The K Zone-

January 1st 2018

Gavin Garay

Interview by Mike Duffy


Photo by Ed Delany

Mike Duffy: When did you know you wanted to play professional baseball?

Gavin Garay: It was always a dream of mine but it became real around my junior year of high school when I committed to college.

Mike Duffy: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Gavin Garay: Derek Jeter.


Mike Duffy: What team were you the biggest fan of growing up?

Gavin Garay:  The New York Yankees.


Mike Duffy: What is it like being apart of the Mets Organization?

Gavin Garay:  It’s awesome. A dream come true being from New York and play by for a NY team.


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite baseball memory?

Gavin Garay:  My favorite baseball memory is either being drafted or high School baseball playoffs.

Mike Duffy: Do you have a motto or a thing to do to get you out of a rough time?

Gavin Garay:  Just try to stay positive and reach out to the people closest to me for advice!


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite book?

Gavin Garay: My favorite book is either Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk or The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.



Mike Duffy: What is your favorite movie?

Gavin Garay: Favorite movie is probably 12 Strong.


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite Tv show?

Gavin Garay: Game Of Thrones no doubt.


Mike Duffy: Who is your favorite Musician and what’s your favorite song?

Gavin Garay: Eminem and don’t really have a favorite maybe 20/20 by logic.


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite hobby besides baseball?

Gavin Garay: I love to hunt and fish as well as self educating, working out, and building my business Elevate which is a clothing brand.


Mike Duffy: What inspired you to create Elevate clothing?

Gavin Garay: It’s always been a vision of mine and always something I wanted to do. When I got drafted I was able to put it into motion and start building it. Always have wanted to help motivate people and empower people to chase there dreams.


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