Top 10 Second Basemen

 The K Zone Overall RankingMike’s RankingIan’s RankingMojo’s RankingMaddie’s RankingJack’s RankingAaron’s Ranking
1Jose Altuve (HOU) Jose Altuve (HOU)Jose Altuve (HOU)Jose Altuve (HOU)Jose Altuve (HOU)Jose Altuve (HOU)Jose Altuve (HOU)
2Whit Merrifield (KC) Whit Merrifield (KC)Whit Merrifield (KC)Robinson Cano (NYM)Whit Merrifield (KC)Scooter Gennett (CIN)Whit Merrifield (KC)
3Scooter Gennett (CIN)Robinson Cano (NYM)Brian Dozier (WSH)Whit Merrifield (KC)Brian Dozier (WSH)Ben Zobrist (CHC)Ozzie Albies (ATL)
4Ozzie Albies (ATL) Ozzie Albies (ATL)Ozzie Albies (ATL)Ozzie Albies (ATL)Scooter Gennett (CIN)Whit Merrifield (KC)Scooter Gennett (CIN)
5Brian Dozier (WSH) Scooter Gennett (CIN)Scooter Gennett (CIN)Brian Dozier (WSH)Ozzie Albies (ATL)Joey Wendle (TB)Gleyber Torres (NYY)
6Gleyber Torres (NYY)Gleyber Torres (NYY) Gleyber Torres (NYY)Scooter Gennett (CIN)Gleyber Torres (NYY)Ozzie Albies (ATL)Brian Dozier (WSH)
7Robinson Cano (NYM)Joey Wendle (TB)Ben Zobrist (CHC)Gleyber Torres (NYY)Joey Wendle (TB)Gleyber Torres (NYY)Robinson Cano (NYM)
8Joey Wendle (TB)Cesar Hernandez (PHI)Robinson Cano (NYM)Joey Wendle (TB)Ben Zobrist (CHC)Robinson Cano (NYM)Cesar Hernandez (PHI)
9Cesar Hernandez (PHI)DJ LeMahieu (NYY)Cesar Hernandez (PHI)Ben Zobrist (CHC)Ian Kinsler (SD)Brian Dozier (WSH)Joey Wendle (TB)
10Ben Zobrist (CHC)Ian Kinsler (SD) Ian Kinsler (SD)Cesar Hernandez (PHI)Cesar Hernandez (PHI) Cesar Hernandez (PHI)DJ LeMahieu (NYY)


Second base scored as one of the weaker offensive positions on the diamond last year, but that didn’t stop us from filling the list with interesting names for next year. Despite falling from MVP candidacy to “mere all-star level,” Jose Altuve still leads the second base list with a .316 batting average and a power/speed combo that can threaten a 20/20 season, or better. Speedy Royal Whit Merrifield takes over the two spot, batting .304 with 45 stolen bases in 2018, a count that led an MLB that is emphasizing speed less and less. Underrated Reds’ keystone Scooter Gennett took home the three-spot after batting .310 last season. His modest yet distinct power broke out a couple seasons ago, and he smashed 23 home runs last year. #4 second baseman Ozzie Albies astonished in April, when he hit nine home runs with a 158 WRC+ mark. He fell back in the second half, but hopes to once again lead the Braves early and throughout the season in 2019. Brian Dozier had a down year last season, marked by a .240 BABIP, but he still hit 21 home runs with 12 steals. Dozier had 5.0 fWAR in 2017, and 6.2 the year before that. Gleyber Torres, entering his sophomore season with the Yankees, had a very solid season at the dish and ticketed third in AL Rookie of the Year Voting with a line of .271/.340/.480 in 123 games. He places sixth, just ahead of veteran Robinson Cano, who was dealt crosstown from Gleyber to the Mets over the offseason. Last year with the Mariners, Cano managed a .303 batting average with 2.9 fWAR in a season that was cut in half by a PED suspension. Another sophomore, Rays second baseman Joey Wendle, finished eighth on our overall chart. While his .353 BABIP draw criticism, it’s impossible the to overlook his .300 BA, strong speed and defense, and 3.7 total fWAR. Cesar Hernandez occupies our nine hole, coming off a season in which he got on base at a .354 clip and went 15/19 on home runs and steals. Finally, the 38-year-old Ben Zobrist rounds out the top ten. After rebounding from a horrid 2017, Zobrist put up 3.6 fWAR backed up by a .303 BA and .378 OBP.


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