Top 10 Left Fielders

 The K Zone Overall RankingMike’s RankingIan’s RankingMojo’s RankingMaddie’s RankingJack’s RankingAaron’s Ranking
1Ronald Acuña (ATL)  Ronald Acuna (ATL)Ronald Acuna (ATL)Juan Soto (WSH)Ronald Acuna (ATL)Ronald Acuna (ATL) Juan Soto (WSH)
2Juan Soto (WSH)  Juan Soto (WSH)Juan Soto (WSH)Ronald Acuna (ATL)Juan Soto (WSH)Juan Soto (WSH) Andrew Benintendi (BOS)
3Andrew Benintendi (BOS)  Andrew Benintendi (BOS)Andrew Benintendi (BOS)Michael Conforto (NYM)Andrew Benentendi (BOS(Andrew Benentendi (BOS)Ronald Acuna (ATL)
4Tommy Pham (TB) Tommy Pham (TB) Tommy Pham (TB)Tommy Pham (TB)Andrew McCutchen (PHI)Tommy Pham (TB) Tommy Pham (TB)
5Michael Conforto (NYM) Michael Brantley (CLE) Andrew McCuthen (PHI)Andrew Benintendi (BOS)Tommy Pham (TB)Michael Brantley (CLE) Michael Brantley (CLE)
6Michael Brantley (HOU) Andrew McCuthen (PHI)Michael Brantley (CLE)Kyle Schwarber (CHC)Michael Brantley (CLE)Andrew McCutchen (PHI)Michael Conforto (NYM)
7Andrew McCutchen (PHI) Michael Conforto (NYM)Michael Conforto (NYM)Andrew McCutchen (PHI)Michael Conforto(NYM)David Peralta (ARI) David Peralta (ARI)
8David Peralta (ARI) Justin Upton (LAA)David Peralta (ARI)Michael Brantley (HOU)David Peralta (ARI)Marcell Ozuna (STL)Justin Upton (LAA)
9Justin Upton (LAA) David Peralta (ARI) Justin Upton (LAA)Justin Upton (LAA)Marcell Ozuna (STL)Justin Upton (LAA) Marcell Ozuna (STL)
10Kyle Schwarber (CHC) David Dahl (COL)  Kyle Schwarber (CHC)David Peralta (ARI)Kyle Schwarber (CHC)Kyle Schwarber (CHC)Eddie Rosario (MIN)


Left field saw two prominent additions mid way through 2018. Rookie of the Year Ronald Acuna Jr. had 143 wRC+ in 111 games last year, complimented by a power speed combo to the tune of 26 home runs and 16 steals. His runner up, Juan Soto, also smashed already high expectations putting up a .406 OBP with 22 home runs in just 116 games of his own. The group was joined by sophomore (now junior) Red Sox outfield Andrew Benintendi, whose solid .290/.366/.465 line with 4.4 WAR helped lead his team to a world series victory. Tommy Pham has broken onto the scene ever since his now famous corrective eye surgery. A rough first half led him to be dealt to Tampa Bay, but he excelled at the Trop, with a massive 191 wRC+ and 2.5 WAR in only 39 games after the trade. Michael Conforto has a high ceiling, but has had trouble staying healthy enough to realize it. 2018 was his first full year, and despite a low batting average, he carried a .350 OBP with a very respectable 28 home runs. Michael Brantley is a long ways off from his 2014 MVP campaign, but he did manage a hardy 3.5 WAR with Cleveland before signing with the Astros int the offseason. The same goes for Andrew McCutchen, the #7 left field, who despite being far removed from his MVP days remains one of the most consistent hitters on the field. The new Philly had a .368 OBP last year, a number that has only dipped below .360 once in his career, and he continues to put up enough power to total 120 wRC+. David Peralta comes in next. His unforeseen power breakout last year helped him produce 3.8 WAR, as he hopes to continue the surge into the coming season. Veteran outfielder Justin Upton continues to hit for pop (30 home runs) and run for speed (8 stolen bases). His 2018 did not come close to 5.2 WAR performance the year before, but Upton has not played fewer than 149 games since 2009, so the Angels can expect strong output from him no matter what. Finally, young Cub Kyle Schwarber rounds out the rankings. Schwarber had a Votto-esque 15.3% walk rate last season and hit 26 home runs in only 137 games, a number that should continue to grow as he matures. 


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