When baseball season was coming to the end Mike Duffy was going crazy on what he was going to do when the season was over. He was always curious about what goes through players minds pre-season, after season, and during it. So Mike decided to send a direct message to a player on Instagram and later that night he wrote back. This sparked an idea and is the basis for this blog. Within 3 weeks Mike has done 13 player interviews including top so of the Phillies top Prospects, Dodger prospects, 3 Major Leaguers, etc. Then Mike asked his friend Ian if he wanted to bring his mind to the blog and now he writes Player Analysis and other important baseball news!

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Michael Duffy


15 yearsold- Outfielder and Announcer for School Games

Growing up in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angles; Mike has seen his home teams in the World Series 5 times. Moving to Los Angles the same time Mike felt right at home when his favorite player Chase Utley came too. Being such a big fan of every Dodger, Phillie, and Yankee, his love for them can get him into many baseball arguments. Mike, while agreeing with many Sabermetric beliefs, is a big fan of scouting and wants some of baseballs technics not to be all formulas. He loves baseball and making this blog is fulfilling his dream of being a sports interviewer and writer!

Ian Joffe

Senior Writer, Editor

Ian hates player interviews. So, when he learned that his friend Mike Duffy was founding an interview blog, he was a little disappointed. However, he quickly realized that Mike was having immediate success. So, he decided, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! Ian Joffe is a 15-year-old Los Angeles native, who loves engineering, podcasts, swimming, cats, chess, and especially baseball. In terms of MLB, he leans far on the SABR side, spending hours a day in the depths of BBR and Fangraphs. As Pythagoras once put it, “All is number!” He enjoys writing statistical analyses and having friendly arguments with the anti-SABR Mike. Let’s wish his Red Sox a great season!

Mojo Hill

Writer, Editor