2017 Power Rankings

-The K Zone- 2017 Power Rankings by Mojo Hill The season is about to start, and that means that it’s time to rank the 30 teams from best to worst going into the season. Their star power, depth, and offseason additions/subtractions are all things that may affect their ranking. Some teams will surprise and othersContinue reading “2017 Power Rankings”


Top 10 Starting Pitchers

K Zone Master Ranking Ian’s Ranking Mojo’s Ranking 1) Clayton Kershaw (LAD)  Clayton Kershaw (LAD) Clayton Kershaw (LAD) 2) Max Scherzer (WSH)  Max Scherzer (WSH)  Kyle Hendricks (CHC) 3) Kyle Hendricks (CHC)  Noah Syndergaard (NYM)  Max Scherzer (WSH) 4) Noah Syndergaard (NYM) Kyle Hendricks (CHC)  Jon Lester (CHC) 5) Jon Lester (CHC) Johnny Cueto (SF) Madison Bumgarner (SF) 6) Johnny CuetoContinue reading “Top 10 Starting Pitchers”