Top 10 Starting Pitchers

K Zone Master Ranking Ian’s Ranking Mojo’s Ranking
1) Clayton Kershaw (LAD)  Clayton Kershaw (LAD) Clayton Kershaw (LAD)
2) Max Scherzer (WSH)  Max Scherzer (WSH)  Kyle Hendricks (CHC)
3) Kyle Hendricks (CHC)  Noah Syndergaard (NYM)  Max Scherzer (WSH)
4) Noah Syndergaard (NYM) Kyle Hendricks (CHC)  Jon Lester (CHC)
5) Jon Lester (CHC) Johnny Cueto (SF) Madison Bumgarner (SF)
6) Johnny Cueto (SF)  Jon Lester (CHC)  Noah Syndergaard (NYM)
7) Madision Bumgarner (SF)  Jake Arrieta (CHC)  Rich Hill (LAD)
8) Jake Arrieta (CHC)  Yu Darvish (TEX)  Johnny Cueto (SF)
9) Rich Hill (LAD)  Madison Bumgarner (SF)  Tanner Roark (WSH)
10) Yu Darvish (TEX) Chris Sale (BOS)  Justin Verlander (DET)

Some Brief Words of Explanation: Starting pitcher has grown greatly in upper depth in recent years. It appears that in every fantasy draft, the good starters go to autopick, for nobody wants to waste their early picks on a position they can get later. Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher on the planet, and if a a lifetime 2.34 ERA, 2.35 FIP, 53 WAR (at age 29), 10.92 K/9, 1.47 BB/9 mean anything, he can look to collect his fourth Cy Young in 2017, en route to the Hall of Fame. Max Scherzer seems to be a worthy investment for the Nationals, who watched him pitch to the tune of 2.93 with 5 K/BB last season, and defend his title of second best starting pitcher in baseball. Kyle Hendricks broke out last season, with a mere 2.13 ERA, to become a serious future Cy Young contender and the #3 SP. Speaking of breakout stars, Noah Syndergaard completed his sophomore season with a 2.29 FIP, which rode on the back of his incredible 11 home runs allowed all season. He has become the fourth best starter in baseball. Jon Lester has not only added to his resume with a 2.44 ERA in 2016, but pitched more excellent postseason innings, bringing him to the fifth spot. Perhaps surprisingly, Johnny Cueto ranks as the #1 Giants pitcher, and #6 starter overall, after allowing fewer than two walks per nine for the second year in a row. He is followed by teammate Madison Bumgarner, who has always been great, but showed off his skills last year especially. Jake Arrieta came back down to Earth last year, and ranks eighth, but an unforgettable 2015 reminds us of his potential. Rich Hill has stunned since his 2015 return to MLB. Over that period, the 37-year-old owns a 2.20 ERA, although health has been a problem. Yu Darvish had completed 100 stellar innings last season after returning from TJ Surgery, and the former Cy Young candidate hopes to keep up the good work in the coming year.

This just about rounds out our Top 10 Players at Each Position series, but still expect our list of the Top 20 Players in all of Baseball. While you wait, here are all our other rankings to enjoy while you watch today’s slate of Opening Day games.


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