Hunter Speer: Sports Run Through His Blood

-The K Zone-

July 21st 2018

Hunter Speer

Interview by Mike Duffy


Mike Duffy: What was your favorite part about being from New Orleans?

Hunter Speer: I would have to say my favorite part about being from Nola is the food & my family for sure!


Mike Duffy: Why did you pick #6 as your jersey number?

Hunter Speer: I wore number 6 in college & just so happened to get it in pro ball as well, it was hanging in my locker when I arrived! When I was in college I wore it because of stroman & I really enjoyed watching him pitch and compete.

Mike Duffy: Do you have any Gameday superstitions?

Hunter Speer: Gameday superstitions and really everyday superstitions is me chewing orbit bubble mint gum every time I play catch at practice or toe the rubber in a game!


Mike Duffy: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Hunter Speer: My favorite athlete growing up would be Joe McKnight, and baseball player growing up would have to be Chad Gaudin. He taught me how to pitch at a young age and I got a chance to follow his career from a personal level and that was amazing for me to be able to see what he did in Big league baseball for so long.



Mike Duffy: What team were you the biggest fan of growing up?

Hunter Speer: The dodgers were actually my favorite club, ever since I was a young boy. As well as my favorite stadium, blue heaven is one of a kind and it was the first big league stadium that I’ve ever been to!


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite movie?

Hunter Speer: Remember the Titans probably (big movie fan so that’s a hard one).


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite Tv show?

Hunter Speer: Prison Break


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite book?

Hunter Speer: Drew Brees : Coming Back Stronger (read that after I had shoulder surgery as a freshman in college).


Mike Duffy: Do you have a motto or a thing to do to get you out of a rough time?

Hunter Speer: Not sure if I have a certain motto, but I really enjoy watching Inky Johnson’s work as a speaker whenever times are tough & maybe I’m playing bad or I don’t feel well that day or just to get me out of a hole I listen to his work and that’s helped me a bunch over the years.


Mike Duffy: When did you know you wanted to play professional baseball?

Hunter Speer: I knew I wanted to be a professional from a very young age, my dad was a Dallas cowboy, older brother was a New Orleans Saint, middle brother was drafted by the Rays, played with the marlins and nationals organization as well, and then I’m the last of the bunch with the dodgers so my whole life I was working toward one goal and it’s led me to this profession and I couldn’t be happier doing what I do everyday! I absolutely love coming to work everyday, it’s a privilege and an honor to be a dodger.


Mike Duffy: What is your favorite baseball memory?

Hunter Speer: My favorite memory thus far baseball wise was the draft this year for sure, being able to hear my name called with my family is something I will never forget!


Mike Duffy: Do you have a second job during the offseason?

Hunter Speer: No job during the off season! Just train, I take that extremely serious to prepare for the next year.

Mike Duffy: Do you stay with a host family?

Hunter Speer: Host family right now in Ogden yes! Awesome people, super thankful to stay with them!


Mike Duffy: What are some of the best and hardest things about being a minor leaguer?

Hunter Speer: I would have to say all of it for me is amazing honestly! I know people say minor league ball can be miserable and this and that with the long road trips and whatever else but that’s all apart of it. I absolutely love going to work everyday & being in this organization is amazing I wouldn’t change it for the world! Everything about minor league baseball to me is everything I’ve ever wanted so why complain!??! I’m having the time of my life and only getting better with time! Super thankful for the opportunity the dodgers have given me in this years draft. It’s a dream come true!

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