Zach Pop: Popping Bottles

-The K Zone-

October 7th 2018

Zach Pop

Interview by Mike Duffy


Mike Duffy:  Growing up in Canada, was Brampton a hockey or baseball town?

Zach Pop: Brampton was definitely a hockey town.


Mike Duffy:  What are most looking forward to with the Orioles Organization after being traded from the Dodgers in the Manny Machado Trade?

Zach Pop: Looking forward to the opportunity this presents for my career.


Mike Duffy:  What has been your favorite team to play for so far like Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, Great Lakes Loons, or your new team the Bowie Baysox?

Zach Pop:I my favorite team this year would be the quakes because of the culture that we created there. Along with the winnings atmosphere and the teammates and friends I had there.


Mike Duffy:  What are some of your favorite memories as apart of the Dodgers organization?

Zach Pop: One of my favorite memories was being able to come back from 7 games back, win the first half and pop bottles.  Being able to experience something new with the quakes was really a great experience.


Mike Duffy:  When did you know you wanted to play professional baseball?

Zach Pop: I’ve always wanted to play professional baseball I think it was just a matter of getting my education and maturing as a person and player.


Mike Duffy:  Who was your favorite player growing up?

Zach Pop: My favorite player growing up was the Mariano Rivera.


Mike Duffy:  What team were you the biggest fan of growing up?

Zach Pop: I was actually a Yankees fan growing up because of Rivera.


Mike Duffy:  What is your favorite movie?

Zach Pop: I like the other guys.


Mike Duffy:  What is your favorite Tv show?

Zach Pop: Suits.


Mike Duffy:  What is your favorite hobby besides baseball?

Zach Pop: I like playing golf, swimming, going to the cottage, relaxing, sharing a couple drinks with some friends, playing video games, and traveling.

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