Brendon Davis: Keeping Composure

The K Zone

January 10th  2017

Brendon Davis

Interviewed By Mike Duffy


Brendon Davis is not just a great player but a great person too.  In 2017 he was traded to the Texas Rangers for Yu Darvish.

Mike Duffy: I was wondering when you go from high school, minor leagues, to the majors, what was the biggest challenge when you reach each stage?

Brendon Davis: So, I think the biggest jump from HS to pro baseball is realizing the importance of routine so you can be ready to play everyday. The professional season is a lot longer.

Mike Duffy: What did you do best this season?

Brendon Davis: I think the best thing I did this season was keeping my composure through the good and bad times.

Mike Duffy: This offseason whats the major thing your planning to work on?

Brendon Davis: This off season the main thing I am working on is strength and speed.

Mike Duffy: Whats was your favorite thing about being an Dodger?

Brendon Davis: Favorite thing about being a dodger is the food (organic).


Mike Duffy: Whats your favorite hobby besides baseball?

Brendon Davis: Favorite hobby has to be disc golf lol.


Mike Duffy: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up?

Brendon Davis: Favorite player growing up, Vladimir Guerrero.


Mike Duffy: What went through your mind when you were drafted?

Brendon Davis: When I was drafted the main thing going through my mind was I get a chance to live my dream.

Mike Duffy: Who’s the hardest pitcher you faced this season?

Brendon Davis: Hardest pitcher I faced this season, tough one. None of them amazed me.

Mike Duffy: Whats your favorite stadium?

Brendon Davis: Fort Wayne tin caps stadium.


Mike Duffy: Whats your favorite movie/tv show?

Brendon Davis: How to get away with murder.


Mike Duffy: What was it like being ranked in the dodgers top 30 prospects? Do you think of it a lot?

Brendon Davis: It’s an honor but I don’t really think of it a lot. It’s simply just a number and I have to produce or that means nothing.

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