Stanton the New Co-King of New York?

The K Zone

December 9th, 2017

Stanton the Co-King of New York

 By Mike Duffy


As the people of Los Angeles went to bed holding their breath that something went wrong between the New York Yankees and the Miami Marlins that would bring the Los Angeles native back home, the Yankees poured the cement of the foundation of the rebirth of their Empire. A match made in heaven would bring the 2017 NL MVP to the AL and make the Yankees the new 2018 World Series favorites. So now the Yankees have Giancarlo Stanton for 10 years (which is a lot considering what Joe Girardi did in that time) to try to add to their 27 World Series rings. Aaron Judge (52HR)  and Giancarlo Stanton (59HR) had a combined 111 HR last season and there is a lot more to come from these two players. Judge and Stanton combined, have about the same number of home runs as the bottom half of MLB Teams. For instance the whole Giants team had only 128 HR all season with 25+ guys hitting.

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This has been a busy week for New York. They just extended GM Brian Cashman to a 5 year $25MM deal. They have just named Aaron Boone, postseason hero, their new manager. And now they have just traded for most-likely their new captain of the team.  Now many see this as a surprise because they think it is unlike the Yankees to “trade” for someone, because they usually buy the players up, but I see this as a sign of how New York will acquire their players in the years to come. The Marlins are getting Starlin Castro, Jorge Guzman, and Jose Devers: who are low end Yankees prospects and they are only paying $30 mil of Stanton’s remaining $295 mil which is a huge salary reduction which is key to their rebuild.


Many people can speculate and try to project what Stanton will do in New York in a full healthy season, but the truth is there is no way of knowing what will happen. Also, the sample size of Stanton in Yankee Stadium is too small to project out. Currently he is 2-8 at Yankee Stadium.


So, because of the huge salary dump, does that mean the Yankees will need to be more conservative in the 2018 offseason? Honestly I don’t know – maybe they won’t have the need to get Bryce Harper, but they should definitely go after Clayton Kershaw and Dallas Keuchel in order for them to become the Baseball Empire they once were. It truly pays off to have money (but not for the Dodgers because this offseason they are 0-2, missing out on the two top pieces out there this offseason: Stanton & Ohtani). Hopefully Andrew Friedman doesn’t go 0-3 because they were one piece away from winning the World Series last year to end a 29 year drought.



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