Top 10 Right Fielders

 The K Zone Overall RankingMike’s RankingIan’s RankingMojo’s RankingMaddie’s RankingJack’s RankingAaron’s Ranking
1Mookie Betts (BOS) Mookie Betts (BOS)Mookie Betts (BOS)Mookie Betts (BOS)

Mookie Betts (BOS)

Mookie Betts (BOS) Mookie Betts (BOS)
2Aaron Judge (NYY)Christian Yelich (MIL)Aaron Judge (NYY)Aaron Judge (NYY)Bryce Harper (PHI)Bryce Harper (PHI)Christian Yelich (MIL)
3Bryce Harper (PHI)Aaron Judge (NYY)Bryce Harper (PHI)Bryce Harper (PHI)Aaron Judge (NYY)Aaron Judge (NYY) Aaron Judge (NYY)
4Christian Yelich (MIL)Bryce Harper (PHI) Christian Yelich (MIL)Christian Yelich (MIL)Christian Yelich (MIL)Mitch Haniger (SEA)Bryce Harper (PHI) 
5Cody Bellinger (LAD) Cody Bellinger (LAD) Cody Bellinger (LAD)Brandon Nimmo (NYM)Mitch Haniger (SEA)Brandon Nimmo (NYM)Cody Bellinger (LAD)
6Mitch Haniger (SEA) Mitch Haniger (SEA)Mitch Haniger (SEA)Cody Bellinger (LAD)Cody Bellinger(LAD)Christian Yelich (MIL) Mitch Haniger (SEA)
7Brandon Nimmo (NYM)Nick Markakis (ATL) Brandon Nimmo (NYM)Mitch Haniger (SEA)Brandon Nimmo (NYM)Cody Bellinger (LAD)Nicholas Castellanos (DET) 
8Yasiel Puig (CIN) Yasiel Puig (CIN)Nicholas Castellanos (DET)Yasiel Puig (CIN)Nicholas Castellano (DET)Nicholas Castellanos (DET)Brandon Nimmo (NYM)
9Nicholas Castellanos (DET)Adam Eaton (WSH)Yasiel Puig (CIN)Adam Eaton (WSH)Yasiel Puig (CIN)Yasiel Puig (CIN) Yasiel Puig (CIN)
10Adam Eaton (WSH)Brandon Nimmo (NYM)  Adam Eaton (WSH)Jesse Winker (CIN)Adam Eaton (WSH) Nick Markakis (ATL)Shin-Soo Choo (TEX)



A claim that right field is the best position in baseball would not be hard to defend. The position is ripe with superstars at the top, and shows strong depth at the end. Despite the competition, Mookie Betts was chosen unanimously for the top spot. Had it not been for Mike Trout, he would have won MVP last season for his 10.4 WAR, which comes from a .346 BA, 185 wRC+, and 33/30 power/speed total, and 20 DRS. Mookie’s rival Aaron Judge snags the second overall spot with his power and eye. He continued his 2017 success last year with 27 home runs and a .392 OBP in only 112 games. Recent Phillies’ super-acquisition Bryce Harper comes in third. While defensive woes have hurt his holistic numbers, he still had a .393 OBP last year, just above his career .389 mark. The season before that he slugged almost .600 too. In a testament to the overall strength of the position, reigning NL MVP Christian Yelich falls to fourth, after being worth 7.6 WAR last season. Critics point to a likely unsustainable BABIP and fly ball rate, but his OPS of exactly 1.000, complementing his 22 stolen bases, tell a very strong story. Dodgers’ batter Cody Bellinger shattered NL rookie power records two seasons ago, but took a slight hit last year. He was still worth 3.6 WAR and 120 wRC+, though. Mitch Haniger broke out with the Mariners in 2018, with 138 wRC+ and 4.6 WAR in his first full season in the majors. If he can become more consistent on a month-to-month basis, he could join the “most underrated players” list next year. Speaking of underrated talent, Brandon Nimmo is far from a household name, but the seventh best overall right fielder had 149 wRC+ in 2018, mostly due to 15.0% walk rate and .404 OBP. After six up and down seasons with the Dodgers, Yasiel Puig was traded to Reds over the offseason. In Cincinnati, he probably hopes to get close to his 2017 numbers, where breakout defense and good offense and baserunning fed into a 2.9 WAR. Tigers’ asset Nicholas Castellanos comes in ninth, scoring at 130 for wRC+ and putting up 3.0 WAR, albeit with a .361 BABIP. Lastly, rebound candidate Adam Eaton hopes to help the Harper-less Nationals keep pace in 2019. He’s missed the majority of the last two seasons due to injury, but hit .301 in the at bats he did make, and has been worth up to 5.9 WAR per season in the past. 


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