Top 10 Closers

 The K Zone Overall RankingMike’s RankingIan’s RankingMojo’s RankingMaddie’s RankingJack’s RankingAaron’s Ranking
1Edwin Diaz (NYM)   Edwin Diaz (NYM)Edwin Diaz (NYM)Kenley Jansen (LAD) Kenley Jansen (LAD) Blake Treinen (OAK)  Edwin Diaz (NYM)
2Blake Treinen (OAK)   Blake Treinen (OAK)Kenley Jansen (LAD)Edwin Diaz (NYM)Edwin Diaz (NYM)Edwin Diaz (NYM)  Blake Treinen (OAK)
3Kenley Jansen (LAD)Aroldis Chapman (NYY)Blake Treinen (OAK)Blake Treinen (OAK)Craig Kimbrel (FA)Craig Kimbrel (FA) Aroldis Chapman (NYY)
4Aroldis Chapman (NYY) Kenley Jansen (LAD)  Aroldis Chapman (NYY)Craig Kimbrel (FA)Aroldis Chapman (NYY)Aroldis Chapman (NYY)   Kenley Jansen (LAD)
5Craig Kimbrel (FA) Corey Knebel (MIL)Corey Knebel (MIL)Sean Doolittle (WSH)Blake Treinen (OAK)Felipe Vazquez (PIT)  Craig Kimbrel (FA)
6Sean Doolittle (WSH)   Sean Doolittle (WSH)Craig Kimbrel (FA)Aroldis Chapman (NYY)Corey Knebel (MIL)Kenley Jansen (LAD)Corey Knebel (MIL)
7Corey Knebel (MIL) Brad Hand (CLE)Sean Doolittle (WSH)Roberto Osuna (HOU)Roberto Osuna (HOU)Sean Doolittle (WSH)   Brad Hand (CLE)
8Roberto Osuna (HOU) Roberto Osuna (HOU)Roberto Osuna (HOU)Felipe Vazquez (PIT)Sean Doolittle (WSH)Brad Hand (CLE)  Sean Doolittle (WSH)
9Felipe Vazquez (PIT) Craig Kimbrel (FA)Jose LeClerc (TEX)Corey Knebel (MIL)Felipe Vazquez (PIT)Roberto Osuna (HOU)Roberto Osuna (HOU)
10Brad Hand (CLE) Felipe Vazquez (PIT)Felipe Vazquez (PIT)Jose LeClerc (TEX)Brad Hand (CLE)Jose LeClerc (TEX)Felipe Vazquez (PIT)




Closers are often the most existing baseball players to watch, and they often exhibit some of the nastiest pure stuff in the game. Edwin Diaz, just traded from the Mariners to the Mets this past offseason, takes the top spot. Diaz displayed 15.22 K/9 last season and a 1.78 xFIP last season, leading to 3.5 WAR as a relief pitcher. Blake Treinen broke out at age 30 last year in the form of a 0.87 earned run average. He put up 3.6 total WAR. #3 closer Kenley Jansen actually took a step back last season, but in the five years before that, his FIPs read 1.31, 1.44, 2.14, 1.91, and 1.99. Velocity machine Aroldis Chapman places fourth overall, with an astounding 16.31 K/9 mark, and a 2.09 FIP. Craig Kimbrel still doesn’t have a team, but word is that he’s lowering his asking price, so once he signs and prepares for the season he could be ready to live up to his #5 preseason rank. Kimbrel put 13.86 K/9 in 2018, albeit with some lost control. He’s only a year removed, though, from one of the greatest closer years all time, when he struck out 16.43 per nine innings while walking only 1.83. Underrated Nationals arm Sean Doolittle places sixth, with a 1.89 2018 FIP and exactly 10.00 K/BB. Despite a questionable mid-season demotion, Corey Knebel experienced his third straight season of 14 K/9 last year. He also put up a 2.40 xFIP, enough to land seventh. Roberto Osuna places eighth overall. He had serious off-the-field issues last season, but still walked less than a batter per game when playing, good for a 2.37 ERA. Filipe Vazquez places an the ninth best closer in baseball. A 2.43 FIP led him to 2.1 total WAR. Finally, Brad Hand was traded to the Indians at the deadline, and he helped to solidify an otherwise shaky bullpen, topping 4 K/BB.



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