Top 10 Middle Relievers

 The K Zone Overall RankingMike’s RankingIan’s RankingMojo’s RankingMaddie’s RankingJack’s RankingAaron’s Ranking
1Josh Hader (MIL)Dellin Betances (NYY)Josh Hader (MIL)Josh Hader (MIL)Josh Hader (MIL)Josh Hader (MIL)Josh Hader (MIL) 
2Dellin Betances (NYY)David Robertson (PHI)Dellin Betances (NYY)Dellin Betances (NYY)Andrew Miller (STL)Jeremy Jeffress (MIL)  Dellin Betances (NYY)
3Andrew Miller (STL)  Andrew Miller (STL)Andrew Miller (STL)Andrew Miller (STL)Dellin Betances(NYY)Andrew Miller (STL)  Andrew Miller (STL)  
4Jeremy Jeffress (MIL)Josh Hader (MIL)Jeremy Jeffress (MIL)Will Harris (HOU)Jeremy Jeffress (MIL)Seranthony Dominguez (PHI)  Chad Green (NYY)  
5Seranthony Dominguez (PHI)Jeremy Jeffress (MIL)Craig Stammen (SD)David Robertson (PHI)Seranthony Dominguez (PHI)Jared Hughes (CIN)Seranthony Dominguez (PHI)  
6Adam Ottavino (NYY)Craig Stammen (SD)  Seranthony Dominguez (PHI)Jeremy Jeffress (MIL)Chad Green (NYY)Dellin Betances (NYY)Jeremy Jeffress (MIL)  
7David Robertson (PHI)Adam Ottavino (NYY)Will Harris (HOU)Will Smith (SF)Adam Ottavino(NYY)Chad Green (NYY)  Adam Ottavino (NYY)
8Chad Green (NYY)Pat Neshek (PHI)Adam Ottavino (NYY)Craig Stammen (SD)Will Harris (HOU)Adam Ottavino (NYY)David Robertson (PHI)
9Will Harris (HOU)Ryan Pressly (HOU)  Ryan Pressly (HOU)Adam Ottavino (NYY)Pat Neshek (PHI)Will Harris (HOU)Lou Trivino (OAK)  
10Craig Stammen (SD)Chad Green (NYY)Pat Neshek (PHI)Pat Neshek (PHI)Ryan Pressly (HOU)Ryan Pressly (HOU)  Ryan Pressly (HOU)


Even as versatile bullpens bullpens become more and more popular, relief pitching remains one of the most undervalued, but also one of the most inconsistent aspects of the game. With five out of six first place votes, Brewers breakout Josh Hader takes first place. The first of multiple Brewers on this list (and the trend of single teams dominating the list will continue), Hader punched out 15.82 batters per nine innings last season, adding up to a 2.23 FIP. Now 31 years old, Dellin Betances ranks second after his third straight season of 15 K/9, and a 1.95 xFIP in 2018. Andrew Miller comes in third after a down year last season. In the three years prior, his ERA’s read 1.44, 1.45, and 2.02. The second Brewer on the list ranks fourth, and his name is Jeremy Jeffress, who tossed 76 innings of 1.29 ERA ball last year. Seranthony Dominguez may get some saves this season, but since the Phillies have not yet named one closer, he sits at #5 on this list. Dominguez broke out in 2018 with 11.49 K/9 and an ERA just under 3.00. Another Yankee, (this time a new one), Adam Ottavino, takes the sixth spot. He managed to put up a 2.43 ERA last season in Coors, largely thanks to strong strikeout and ground ball numbers. David Robertson falls two spots below his fellow Philly after making 2018 his eighth straight season with at least 60 innings pitched an 10.4 K/9. Chad Green, the third Yankee on this list (and fourth if you count Chapman from the closers list), comes next. Unlike many of the pitchers around him, Green was able to limit walks while still obtaining K’s, leaving him with a 6.27 K/BB ratio. Houston reliever Will Harris edges out Ryan Pressly to become the only Houston reliever to make the conglomerate chart. Harris wrapped up 2018 with a 2.44 FIP and 4.57 K/BB. San Diego vet Craig Stammen wraps up the top 10, completing last season with a 2.19 FIP and only 1.94 BB/9 in 79 innings pitched. 


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