Top 10 Starting Pitchers

 The K Zone Overall RankingMike’s RankingIan’s RankingMojo’s RankingMaddie’s RankingJack’s RankingAaron’s Ranking
1Chris Sale (BOS) Chris Sale (BOS)   Chris Sale (BOS) Clayton Kershaw (LAD)Max Scherzer(WSH)Max Scerzer (WSH)   Chris Sale (BOS)
2Max Scherzer (WSH)  Max Scherzer (WSH)Max Scherzer (WSH)Chris Sale (BOS)  Jacob deGrom (NYM) Jacob deGrom (NYM)  Jacob deGrom (NYM)
3Jacob deGrom (NYM)    Jacob deGrom (NYM)Jacob deGrom (NYM)Jacob deGrom (NYM)  Chris Sale (BOS)Justin Verlander (HOU)  Max Scherzer (WSH)
4Justin Verlander (HOU)Justin Verlander (HOU)  Justin Verlander (HOU)Max Scherzer (WSH)  Aaron Nola (PHI)Chris Sale (BOS)Blake Snell (TB)
5Clayton Kershaw (LAD)Blake Snell (TB)Clayton Kershaw (LAD)Justin Verlander (HOU)  Justin Verlander (HOU)Clayton Kershaw (LAD) Justin Verlander (HOU)
6Corey Kluber (CLE)Corey Kluber (CLE)Corey Kluber (CLE)  Corey Kluber (CLE)  Corey Kluber (CLE)Aaron Nola (PHI)Corey Kluber (CLE)
7Aaron Nola (PHI)Aaron Nola (PHI)Gerrit Cole (HOU)Aaron Nola (PHI)  Blake Snell (TB)Trevor Bauer (CLE)  Trevor Bauer (CLE)
8Blake Snell (TB)Gerrit Cole (HOU)  Carlos Carrasco (CLE)Luis Severino (NYY)  Trevor Bauer (CLE)Walker Buehler (LAD)Gerrit Cole (HOU)
9Trevor Bauer (CLE)Patrick Corbin (WSH)Trevor Bauer (CLE)Blake Snell (TB)  Luis Severino(NYY)Blake Snell (TB)Aaron Nola (PHI)
10Gerrit Cole (HOU)Luis Severino (NYY)    Patrick Corbin (WSH)Gerrit Cole (HOU)  Patrick Corbin (WSH)Gerrit Cole (HOU)Luis Severino (NYY)


Last year, starting pitching was headlined by a clear “big four,” but going into this season, the lines are far more blurred. Many pitchers each qualify for many different positions, and almost everyone has both some kind of question or pushback, and some kind of draw. While he’s experienced a shaky start to 2019, Chris Sale lead off our preseason ranks after finishing with a 6.97 K/BB and 1.98 FIP. Sale finished second in AL starters in WAR, despite starting seven fewer games than the leader and most of those behind him. Max Scherzer, who has modeled consistency since breaking out in 2013, ranks second. Scherzer posted a 2.53 ERA last year, which is the lowest in his past six seasons, even though his ERA fell below 3.15 in all of them. NL Cy Young winner Jacob DeGrom claims the third overall spot, as his 9.0 fWAR and 5.85 K/BB added together to form a 1.99 FIP. Number four starting pitcher Justin Verlander looks to just keep getting better, despite his 36 years of age. JV’s 12.20 K/9 and 1.56 BB/9 lead to a 2.52 2018 ERA, the lowest of his career. Corey Kluber stands as ace in a strong Indians rotation. His strikeouts were low in 2018, but so were his walks, leading to a mere 0.99 WHIP. Phillies breakout Aaron Nola ranks seventh overall. Last year, he put up a 2.37 ERA, accompanied by a 3.01 FIP. Nola is followed by another ERA breakout guy, Blake Snell, whose 1.89 mark was an incredibly encouraging sign for the Rays. Snell is followed by yet another breakout starter, and yet another Indian, Trevor Bauer. Bauer’s 2.21 ERA was backed up by a 2.44 FIP and 11.34 K/9. Astros acquisition Gerrit Cole returned to excellency last year in the form of a 2.70 FIP, 12.40 K/9, and 6.0 WAR, enough to bring him onto the list with the 10th spot. For top quality pitching mounds, check out Anytime Baseball Supply


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